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Pictures created over the years.

  • Creations are full of life

    All creations are full of life. The peasant is from a painting by Jean-Fran├žois Millet. ( This painting.)

  • Traditional House Interior

    3D Interior of a romanian traditional house. I was mostly inspired by this photo.

  • Office Building

    3D Model of an unfurnished office building. The pack contains two interior HD pictures and one exterior FHD picture.

  • Real Pictures

    A cute little wallpaper meant to represent the quality of nowadays printed pictures.

  • Romanian Traditional House

    3D Model of a traditional house from Romania. Inspired by this pretty picture.

  • Greenhouse

    3D Model of a Greenhouse made in Cinema 4D. The Pack includes two wallpapers in 2K with different lighting. The tomato cherry plants are from

  • Angelwatch

    Remade Angelwatch from the game Thief 2: The Metal Age in Cinema 4D in late 2014 but I never really finished it. You can download a collection of four pictures/renders of the 3D model.

  • Laptop
    3D Model

    I made this after my, almost, 7 years old MSI laptop. The old bugger works like a charm even after all this time.

  • NexZ Turbo
    VS Printer

    A sort of concept printer I created a while ago (late 2014). There's also a redesigned white edition that i will feature in a different picture.

  • The Last Hope
    Concept #1

    A concept photo of The Last Hope project from 2011. It was an overly ambitious project that would have required a big team for it to see the light of day.

  • The Last Hope
    Concept #2

    Another concept photo of The Last Hope project. This time in space but still in the same style as before.

  • The Haunted Cathedral
    Back View

    Inspired a little by the amazing Haunted Cathedral construction in Thief 1. The final picture turned out better than I expected.

  • The Haunted Cathedral
    Front View

    Inspired a bit by the Haunted Cathedral in Thief 1. I mostly prefer the Back view version since it looks like it would fit much better with the atmosphere of the game.

  • Advanced Robotic Arm

    Robotic arm made in Cinema 4D. I also rigged it for better control as i planned to use it in a video.

  • Minion
    3D Model

    Cinema 4D - Rigged Minion. Made after a tutorial by Roger Pouzolles.(the tutorial was in french but it was still easy to follow)

  • Sci-fi Corridor

    A 3D Concept of a Science Fiction corridor. I guess I should have used different colored flowers.

  • Ark
    Mobile Homes

    A mountain and lakeside landscape where you can see a concept for mobile houses. They move around that arch starting from the ground and finishing underwater.

  • Mobile House

    A 3D Model Concept of a mobile house that has everything you could desire. The compartments are noted in the picture.

  • Exiting the light

    A fantasty landscape of a train exiting the light. It can mean a lot of things but i'll leave it open for interpretation.

  • Lantia
    Ship Designs

    A collection of four lantian ship designs in very high resolution. I gotta warn you the files are pretty big. There's also a small bonus in the archive.

  • Flower of the Universe
    Day & Night

    A Day and Night picture of the Flower of the Universe Scifi Concept. Cool wallpaper for scifi fans.

  • Flower of the Universe

    Nightime version of the Flower of the Universe Scifi Concept. You can see a number of different ships than before.

  • Flower of the Universe

    A Scifi Hotel Concept. At first i wanted to go for "Flower of the Ocean" as a name but i figured that was more of a name for a ship, like Titanic for example.

  • Thief
    The Keep Concept

    Inspired by The Keep from the latest Thief game. Made this before the game came out when I watched one of the playthroughs and saw the plans to The Keep. It's not the same, the one in the game is much bigger and different.

  • Thief: Metal Age
    Soulforge Cathedral Concept

    Inspired by Araval's "Thief Cathedral" [An amazing piece of art] It's sort of a combination between that artwork and the original Soulforge Cathedral. There are 3 pictures in the archive below.

  • River of lost souls

    I had a great time making this one and i really hope you enjoy it. It's a different version of River of Souls.

  • Thief: Deadly Shadows
    Clocktower Concept [Day]

    Inspired by the 2000 Thief 3 Clocktower Concept Art (or Fan art?, i'm not really sure) Hammerite Banners from the Hammerite Mission Development Kit organized by: Yandros (Russ Robbins)

  • Thief: Deadly Shadows
    Clocktower Concept [Night]

    Night version of the Thief 3 clocktower concept. I prefer this one a bit more than the other.

  • River of souls

    I wanted to add some lights on top of the leafs to represent the souls and now i kind of wish I did that.

  • Stargate

    Made this 3D DHD (Dial home device) model a while back. You can also see it in the Arrival Pad picture.

  • Bending Easter

    Enjoy. If you're a Futurama fan you'll enjoy this even more :) Thanks to "motionsquared" for the awesome Bender tutorial. Learned some new tricks too.

  • Stargate
    Arrival Pad Concept

    A concept for a futuristic Stargate arrival location. The pad that i used is actually one from Lantia - City of Dreams.

  • Lantia
    High Street

    A higher street picture of Lantia - City of Dreams. Can you read what the other text says?

  • Thief - Garrett's Home

    Garrett's new home from the latest Thief game (reboot). He's probably asleep right now so better not wake him.

  • Thief - Garrett's Home

    Garrett's new home from the latest Thief game (reboot). He's most likely off to work as any thief would.

  • Lantia - City Of Dreams
    [Night Time]

    This is how Lantia looks at night. I think the scene has a bit too much light in it, come to think of it.

  • Lantia
    Low Street

    A low view of the streets of Lantia - City of Dreams. That ship has no pilot but et's assume it's on auto.

  • Thief
    Garrett's Influence

    Something is climbing out of the horn and it ain't Santa. The roof is actually from HammerWatch.

  • Lantia
    City Of Dreams

    Enjoy the City of Dreams. I'm not too fond on the way the ship turned out but that wasn't my main focus. I liked the way the city turned out that i didn't even care what was around it.

  • Space Station Z
    Cargo Ship

    The cargo is protected by a shield in case you're wondering how it stays there. The 3D model was made on a friend's request.

  • Space Station Z

    A 3D model of a scifi fighter craft. There's not much else I can say about this picture.

  • HammerWatch
    In the Sky

    HammerWatch is a Thief 4 Fan Concept Model designed as a replacement for the ClockTower in The City after the destruction of the one in the third game.

  • HammerWatch
    Pride of the Builder

    HammerWatch is a Thief 4 Fan Concept Model designed as a replacement for the ClockTower in The City after the destruction of the one in the third game.

  • Step through the gate

    Where will it take you? This is a wallpaper-ish creation. I'm sorry for the pretty big copyright info.

  • Choose what you build

    A Wallpaper for my WIP Thief Book called "The Builder Smiles Upon Thee" You can read more about it in my Other Works under Books.

  • What's inside?

    A wallpaper i made working on a video that i have on stand by for a few years. Not sure i'll ever get back to it.

  • Space Station Z

    I really like the way everything turned out with this wallpaper. Some of the asteroids are a bit weird but the rest turned out pretty cool.

  • Endless Stairs

    It's a pretty old creation but why not...This was supposed to be in another video that i gave up on.

  • Library of Dreams

    This is one of my favourite pictures and it's also one of the first real wallpaper i made. I think that's cool.


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