Other Works

Other creations made over the years.

  • World Transporter

    A business card design meant mostly for CEOs or employees of a vehicle transport company.

  • White and Purple

    This business card is mostly designed for employees or directors of printing house companies.

  • Blue Delight

    This one is for IT companies mostly but it can also work for CEOs/employees of high tech companies.

  • Geometric

    This one would be great for a Maths Teacher or simply a director of an IT company. This is the only one made in Cinema 4D.

  • Blueish

    This is a simple design business card ment for the general use. There's really nothing else to tell about it.

  • Simple

    This is probably the simplest way a business card can be made. It's for general use mostly.

  • Colorama

    A colorful business card for kindergarten teachers and maybe for first school years art teachers.

  • Elegant Delight

    Business orientated card for CEOs, employees of business companies and that's about it.

  • You and Me

    Unfinished magazine I made in early 2017. It was supposed to come out in March 2017 and then in April but never saw the light of day. It has jokes, games, news from various areas, a poster in the middle and lots more. It's in romanian and you can read it if you want. (if you know romanian of course)

    Note: All the ads in the magazine are placeholders (minus the Lotus Center ad) and were ment to be replaced in the final version

  • Perla Brazilor Pension
    Easter Offer

    This was made a while before Easter 2017 for "Pensiunea Perla Brazilor". I designed it a lot like the site the offer was featured on.

  • The Builder Smiles
    Upon Thee

            This is the first book that I'm writing and it's a fan fiction based on the game Thief. I started it a couple of years back (only minor stuff) and in 2014 i wrote more pages after they just "came" to me, so to speak. It has a beginning and an ending as of now but there are still stuff to write about, scenes to extend and dialog to polish. I don't know when i'll get the chance to finish it but i'll do my best. I've also thought of a sequel to it called "The Things We Keep Inside" (Thief fans will probably know what this will be about).

            A bit more info: The action takes places about a hundred years before the events of the first game and it follows three thieves who are about to rob a symbol of the city. The book has a bit of action, humor and also some horror elements.
    To your left or up (depending on what device you are) you can see possible artwork for the front and back cover


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